Example Speech Maintain Environmental Themes In School

Example Speech Maintain Environmental Themes In School
Assalamu Wr.Wb.
First of all, let us pray to Allah SWT for blessing and gifts We all take can be gathered in this sunny morning in good health. Blessings and greetings hopefully rubbed off on to the Prophet Muhammad to his family, his friends, and hopefully to us as followers.

Father-mother whom I respect teachers and friends that I love and am proud of. On this day I will deliver a speech on "Keeping the Environment in Schools".

Friends, know that the environment is a place for all living creatures life. Therefore we must preserve our environment so that we can live comfortably. One way to protect the environment is to keep it clean. Keeping the environment can be started from small things, but sometimes it is very difficult to do by we. Example was throwing trash in its place.

Current awareness to maintain cleanliness among us as a student is very less. Seen from our schools who are still scattered garbage, plastic waste either food-drinks, or paper. Though bins provided adequate school. In every corner there is a trash school, in the classroom there was trash. But a lack of awareness of us to dispose of waste in place as a form of keeping the school environment clean. And dispose of waste in place, we can also run as a class action picket keeping the environment in the scope of the school. And get used to sort the waste in accordance with the group before being put into the trash.

Types of waste can be divided into three, namely:
1. Wet garbage is biodegradable garbage and rot,
example; leftover food, vegetables and fruits, garden waste and kitchen waste.
2. Dry garbage is garbage that can not rot and decompose naturally,
example: paper, cardboard, plastics, textiles, rubber, glass, cans, etc.
3. B3 waste (Hazardous & Toxic Materials) that is toxic and reactive waste is very dangerous to health and life among other organisms, batteries, paint, pesticides, hospital waste, etc..

But ordinary trash provided only 2 types, namely garbage and waste separation bins kering.Tetapi eventually wet and dry waste is finally disposed of it put back together in time so we wasted memila wet waste and dry waste that is eventually reunited . It should be cooperation between the government and schools to sampahbasah and dry waste disposal to reduce environmental pollution.
In closing, I just want to convey the message of my speech to convey a proverb. Cleanliness is half of faith. With this I hope my friends with care and be aware of the importance of maintaining kebersiahan.

So I could relate to speech apologize if there are errors in the spoken word. Thank you for your attention and I end sayaucapkan.

WalbilaihiTaufikWalhidayahWassalamu'alaikum WW


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